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Client: Oil & Gas Company (Canada)

A leading North American energy producer focused on growing its strong portfolio of diverse resource plays producing natural gas, oil and natural gas liquids. Throughout the rapid advancement of technology, numerous acquisitions, company split, joint ventures and a focus on environmental issues, information management initiatives have played a significant role in making the company’s operations more efficient and effective.



The key driver of this initiative is to provide a prescriptive guidance for all staffs, so they know exactly where to store, manage and locate their important documents and records, and position the company to best utilize their various collaboration and content management systems.


This company have access to modern tools for records and document management such as SharePoint, OpenText Content Server, and network drives. However, having multiple tools presented the company with multiple challenges such as:
• Misplaced records and documents
• Too many locations to search for records and documents
• Too many repositories with no integration between them
• Employees were not aware of the benefits of the systems and how they can help improve efficiency and productivity
• Difficult to find information when people leave the company
• Redundant and duplicate records created confusion


Simplified Methods satisfied these requirements by:
• Introducing a tool use guideline to direct staffs on the recommended tool to use for storing and managing documents or records based on an outlined business need
• Implementing governance around records and document management practices (e.g. retention, destruction and archival of data), to enhance quality and consistency
• Enabled integration between the records system and other line of business applications
• Enhanced collaboration internally between teams and external partners
• Improved business processes through intelligent document workflow automation
• Reduced risk by enabling transparent processes, reporting and auditing capabilities

In conclusion, this company leveraged the Simplified Methods Professional Services to achieve their goal, through the promotion of a more simplified user experience to drive consistency and simplicity, and help guide the effective use of their records and document management systems.

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