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We empower businesses with our proven methods in using cutting edge, intelligent technology to provide you with a strategic advantage to drive success. When it comes to the process of implementing a new technology solution in your organization, it is of great importance to be aware of the strategic drivers and the required outcomes, prior to choosing and implementing a solution. Simplified Methods provides professional services and develops the integrated solutions to help your organization Collaborate and manage Data effectively. Our team organizes and work closely with your team to scope, plan, implement, deploy, and support your organization’s collaboration and data management strategy.


 We deliver professional solutions through proper planning, effective stakeholder engagement, and needs driven analysis with great focus on quality. Our team of experts are highly experienced and proficient in implementing technologies such as SharePoint, Microsoft Office 365 solutions, Cloud solutions (IAAS, PASS etc.), Business Intelligence and Data management solutions. We will help you get your implementation right by working together to find the right solutions to meet your need with minimized risk and reduced cost.
As part of the implementation process, our experts provide best-in-class customized and non-customized user training on solutions implemented to ensure that the customer meets their strategic goals with complete user satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is to provide an impeccable advisory services and best practices to guide your user adoption and change management. Our solutions and methods are designed to wrap around, and improve your business process generating a stronger, more accepted and higher user engagement within your organization.

It may be that you are looking for a platform to build a solution around the few moving parts that are already in place. Alternatively, you may be looking to build something from scratch. Either way, Simplified methods can assist you to put a solution in place that takes advantage of your organization’s data and intellectual property.
Some of the solutions that Simplified methods can implement in your business or organization include:
• Business Productivity Solutions
• Business Process Management Solutions
• End-User Enablement Solutions
Simplified methods can help you develop, design and put in place the perfect solution to maximize your business growth. Start with Business Productivity Solutions for the right solution, and take the pressure off your budget.

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